I bought a humidifier today. I don’t know why it took me so long to choose one. I stood there in Walmart, staring at all these different options. I couldn’t figure out which was best. People kept walking by and I kept getting closer and closer to the shelf to stay out of the way. A woman stopped and said “there are more on the other side of the store” I thanked her and kept staring.

I did eventually choose. After flicking through reviews and anxious thoughts about not getting the “right” one. This was my second store. Target only had one catering to children. I just wanted to go. So I just made the decision. Only a tiny part of me is still worrying if I made the right choice. The rest of me is wondering if it will be a magical cure all to the dry depleted day after day I’ve been living. I guess time will tell. I hate waiting.

The podcast I listened to on the way home said: The important thing is to disappoint others, before you disappoint yourself. It’s not really related. But it’s something to think about.

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