I just want to pack a bag
with my guitar,
my camera,
a good pair of sunglasses,
a couple of good books,
an infinite playlist of all my favorite songs
and get in my car.

I’d roll the windows down,
let the wind rush over me,
arms dancing,
hands drumming on the wheel.

sing loud and wild.
I won’t even care if I’m off key.

Take the next turn
just to see where it takes me.
Stop in towns I’ve never seen.
Say hello to strangers
and ask them where they’ve been,
where they want to go.

Let the land unfold before me,
beautiful and unruly.
Breathe in the horizon,
Walk barefoot until my feet
have memorized every crevices
of the earth.

I just want to pack a bag
get in the car,
and drive.

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